LeeBoy’s new 8530, 8616D pavers come standard with heavy screed for compaction

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Updated Mar 11, 2021
LeeBoy 8530 asphalt paverLeeBoy 8530 asphalt paver

LeeBoy has equipped its new tracked asphalt pavers, the 8530 and 8616D, with the 4,150-pound Legend HD Pro Screed for greater compaction and strength for large jobs.

The new pavers are designed for parking lots, driveways, municipal work, subdivisions, and state and county roads. They feature a wide, slow conveyor that moves material from the truck to the screed without segregation, the company says. The screed also has automatic temperature control.

The 8530 comes with a new high-deck operation station to give operators a better view. The seats swing out and swivel. Touch pad controls have been placed at the screed and in the operator station.

LeeBoy 8616D asphalt paverLeeBoy 8616D asphalt paver

The 8616D, which replaces the 8616C, has a similar operator station and control setup. LeeBoy says it delivers a 30 percent increase in production over the 8616C.

Both pavers have paving widths of 8 feet to 15 feet 6 inches. They are powered by Kubota Tier 4 Final engines – 125 horsepower in the 8530 and 127 horsepower in the 8616D.

The 8530 weighs 22,520 pounds with screed. The hopper holds 9 tons. Max paving depth is 8 inches, and max paving speed is 150 feet per minute.

Standard features include self-cleaning tracks, dual toolboxes on the screed, backup alarm, sliding LED work lights, vandalism protection covers, USB port and cupholders. Options include screed extension vibration, heated end gates, continuous rubber tracks, slope meter and truck hitch. Wiring is also available for Topcon P-32 grade and slope control.


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