Fleets can now comment on EPA’s proposal for tighter heavy truck emissions standards

Updated Jan 30, 2020


The Environmental Protection Agency wants feedback from the public and trucking industry stakeholders on its proposed Cleaner Trucks Initiative to tighten heavy-duty truck emissions regulations and develop a so-called “50-state program” for nationwide emissions standards.

The agency published an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking Monday requesting input. Comments can be made by clicking this link through Feb. 20.

EPA says it’s looking for comments on all aspects of the 97-page proposal as it works to develop a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM), which the agency says it plans to publish later his year.

The ANPRM targets high NOx emissions during engine warmup and idling periods and when emissions controls deteriorate over time, along with crankcases that can emit emissions. You can read more about the proposed rule by clicking here.