Fecon’s new deck mulcher attachments produce more per pass

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated Oct 24, 2019
Fecon’s 74-inch deck mulcher.Fecon’s 74-inch deck mulcher.

Fecon‘s new family of deck mulcher attachments are wider than conventional deck mulchers, capable of doing more per pass, says the company.

A bearing carrier houses a heavy-duty bearing with an oversized shaft. Two-sided blades offer double service life without having to flip the blade. A stump-jumper features allow each deck mulcher to ride over stumps without risking bolt shearing. The extra blade mass also increases cutting inertia and gives better performance in thicker materials.

Fecon says the deck mulchers can mulch smaller materials faster than traditional drum mulchers, and so can be used for right-of-way clearing and maintenance projects, forestry clearing, site preparation, land improvement, highway mulching and maintenance and more.

Close up of Fecon deck mulcher blades.Close up of Fecon deck mulcher blades.

The forged blade bolts feature larger hex interface and blade rotating surface for stronger mating with components and longer service life. An armor-coated rear deck area helps withstand potential impacts.

Brush grabber inlets help pull debris from fence rows or piles. The open front allows directional discharge: when the blades spin clockwise, the discharge is to the right front.

When mulching in a long row, operators can complete a row, rest a few minutes so hydraulic fittings can cool, and then change the blade direction by reversing the fittings. This both keeps the discharge away from traffic and evens out the blade wear without having to flip blades.

Available in cutting widths of 62-, 74- and 86-inches, the deck mulchers weigh from 1,950 to 2,450 pounds and require hydraulic flows between 17  and 41 gpm.