Woods intros Compact Super Seeder for small tractors, ATVs, UTVs

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Updated Sep 5, 2019

Woods Compact Super SeederWoods Equipment’s new Compact Super Seeders are designed for small-scale planting, such as beside waterways and roadways, and are able to reach narrow spaces and make tight turns.

The two seeder models, CSS48 and CSS60, can be pulled behind a subcompact tractor, ATV or UTV.

The CSS48 has a working width of 48 inches and can be pulled behind a 15- to 25-horsepower tractor and an ATV or UTV with a minimum 350cc engine.

The CSS60 has a working width of 60 inches and can be pulled behind a 20- to 45-horsepower tractor and an ATV or UTV with a minimum 400cc engine.

Both models are compatible with Cat 1 and Limited Cat 1 trailer hitches. An optional electric tow kit enables operators to raise and lower the seeder without leaving the seat.

Woods Compact Super Seeder 2Customers can choose from a spiked roller or disc blades, depending on soil conditions. The seeder can be used to till the soil by pulling a pin to disengage the seed box. After the soil is ready, the seed box can be reattached for seeding. The seeder can plant large and small seeds.

To achieve accurate seed rates, the seeders come with a calibration system that includes charts, a calibration tray and crank. An optional second legume box enables the operator to plant two seeds at different depths in one pass.

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