Vermeer’s D23x30DR S3 Navigator merges rock drilling with compact size

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Updated Jul 31, 2019

Vermeer D23x30 Dr 2

Vermeer’s new D23x30DR S3 Navigator horizontal direction drill provides a compact machine for drilling through rock in congested areas and tight spaces.

At 16,500 pounds, the company says it is the lightest rock drill in its class, designed for fiber, electrical, gas and water utilities installations in hard rock and other challenging ground conditions. That light weight helps reduce the risk of damaging sidewalks or turf, the company says. The drill also boasts an operator ear noise level of 83 decibels.

The company says the new drill solves the problem of drilling in hard-rock conditions in urban areas or congested neighborhoods, which typically requires a larger HDD, using an air hammer and bringing in more equipment, or having to operate slowly.

The drill features Vermeer’s Firestick dual rod system that gives operators a 7 percent downhole steerability. The greasable RH10 drill head provides a 2-degree bend in its forward section for further steerability.

A toolless PG5 quick pullback grapple can be mounted on the drill head and 5.5-inch tricone bit to help reduce the need to remove the drill head after the pilot bore when installing small-diameter pipes, the company says.

The drill is powered by a 100-horsepower Deutz diesel engine with thrust/pullback of 24,000 pounds. The carriage speed is 175 feet per minute and rotational speed is 200 rpm.

The threaded outer rod has a rotational torque of 3,000 foot-pounds, and the hex inner rod delivers up to 800 foot-pounds.

For maintenance, a large rear hood provides access to the mud pumps and other service points. An open-top vice makes it easier to change out die with rod in vice and have visibility of the joint, the company says.

The operator’s station features controller area network (CAN) technology with onboard diagnostics. The drill is equipped for the company’s telematics system, Vermeer Fleet.