Tobroco-Giant unveils G2200E, its first electric compact wheel loader, alongside three new articulated loaders

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Updated Jul 7, 2019
G2200E X-TRAG2200E X-TRA

Tobroco-Giant has introduced its first electric, zero-emissions compact wheel loaders, along with three new articulated loaders.

The G2200E and G2200E X-TRA are equipped with a 48-volt lithium-ion battery that has a minimum capacity of 12.3 kilowatts. The loaders are designed for indoor operations or urban construction sites. The articulated loaders deliver nearly silent operation.

The loaders have two separate electric motors of 6.5 kilowatts to drive the machine and 11.5 kilowatts for hydraulics.


The standard G2200E has a lift height of 9 feet 4 inches and a capacity of 3,657 pounds. The X-TRA version has a lift capacity of 4,850 pounds and lift height of 8 feet for construction and earthmoving applications.

The company offers four lithium-ion battery choices with varying charge lengths under normal conditions: 6.4 kilowatt hours for 2-hour capacity; 12.3 kWh for 4 hours; 18.4 kWh for 6 hours; and 24.6 kWh for 8 hours. Tobroco-Giant says the batteries last three times longer than conventional batteries and have fast charging times.

The loaders can be equipped with an onboard charger and can charge a battery to 50 percent within 30 minutes. The loaders also require less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts and no engine filters or fluids to replace.

The operator station has three options: cabin, safety roof or foldable safety roof.


Articulated loaders

G1500 X-TRAG1500 X-TRA

Tobroco-Giant has also unveiled three new articulated loaders: the G1500 X-TRA, G2200 X-TRA and G3500 X-TRA.

The loaders are ideal for working on sites with narrow buildings, because of their compactness, maneuverability and power. The company says it offers 100 attachments for the loaders, including for landscaping, demolition and forestry.

The loaders range in operating weight from 3,306 to 7,716 pounds.

G3500 X-TRAG3500 X-TRA