Boom-Safe Anti-Tip system keeps cranes, aerial lifts stable, company says

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Updated Mar 11, 2019

Dbl Bsats 1DBL Engineering says it has developed a device to eliminate tip-over hazards due to structural overload for most any boom-supported lift machines, and at the same time, it increases lifting capacity.

Called the Boom-Safe Anti-Tip System (BSATS), it works on such equipment as aerial platforms, mobile cranes, telehandlers, truck-mounted cranes and rough-terrain cranes.

The company says it is the “first device to actively monitor side- and back-tip moments acting on booms and cranes.

The BSATS automatically restricts the working envelope according to the actual load being lifted, the company says. DBL says it acts similar to an antilock braking system in a car or truck. It detects the point at which a critical tipping moment is reached. It then warns the operator or restricts machine movement or both to keep the machine stable, according to DBL.

DBL says that for aerial work platforms, it also increases their productivity without increasing machine weight. The company says BSATS allows up to a 3-to-1 capacity increase (1,500 pounds versus 500 pounds) over a significant portion of the machine’s range of motion and a 2-to-1 increase over more of the range of motion.