Ditch Witch packages JT20XP HDD with XP44 mixing system for large utility jobs

Updated Sep 10, 2018

Ditch Witch Equipment in OperationCalling it an “industry-first solution,” Ditch Witch has introduced a new JT20XP package that aims to provide better productivity on large utility installation jobs while retaining a compact footprint.

The package contains the JT20XP horizontal directional drill, powered by a 74.5-horsepower Deutz diesel, and the quiet XP44 mixing system, powered by a 44-hp Yanmar diesel engine.

Ditch Witch says the JT20XP package is the “only drilling system in its class to utilize all (118) on-board horsepower for thrust and rotation.”

“We designed the JT20XP package to complement the unique needs of HDD contractors in the mid-sized utility-installation space,” Seth Matthesen, Ditch Witch’s HDD category manager, said in a statement. “The JT20XP drill provides (14 percent) improved spindle torque and speed over its predecessor, while delivering 56 percent more mud flow than competitive units. It’s matched by the XP44’s superior mixing capabilities to offer a more productive solution for larger jobs, while retaining a small, compact footprint.”

Ditch Witch says this drill system is easy to maneuver and transport between even small urban jobsites. That both machines in the package are powered by diesel engines ensures simple fuel service as well, the company notes.

The JT20XP has no grease zerks for easier maintenance, and the engine requires no DEF since it is under 75 hp.

The drill is equipped with a new operator’s station with an adjustable seat and a color LCD displaying engine diagnostics and messages like electronic strike indicators.