New Holland’s new C237 is a high-capacity CTL with no need for DEF

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Updated Jun 16, 2018
New Holland’s C237 compact track loaderNew Holland’s C237 compact track loader

New Holland Construction’s addition to its compact track loader lineup, the C237, will hold fast to steep slopes and move easily through various terrains, the company says.

The CTL also has nearly the same operating capacity of the company’s largest CTL, the C238, but with less horsepower. New Holland kept the CTL to 74 horsepower, which also means the Tier 4 Final FPT engine does not require diesel exhaust fluid. The C238 has a 90-horsepower FPT engine.

“Our customers told us that while the C238 will fit their needs for lifting and carrying, they didn’t need all the horsepower to complete their tasks,” said Doran Herritt, product marketing manager for New Holland.

The CTL has a rated operating capacity of 3,700 pounds at 50 percent of tipping load, compared to the C238’s 3,800 pounds. Tipping load is 7,400 pounds versus the C238’s 7,600 pounds.

The C237’s bucket breakout force is 6,110 pounds with a 78-inch dirt and foundry bucket.

The C237 features New Holland’s Super Boom, which extends height and reach so material can be loaded into the center of high-sided boxes or hoppers. The rear door is made of heavy-duty steel, and the rear hood is steel. The company added new steel front work lights with side lamps for greater illumination at night.

The track base is 64.5 inches long, with 17.7-inch-wide tracks. Ground pressure is 4.3 pounds per square inch.