Pettibone re-enters traversing-boom telehandler market with new Traverse T944K

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Updated Jan 29, 2018

Pettibone Traverse T944 X 13070

After leaving the traversing-boom telehandler market for three years, Pettibone has returned with the Traverse T944X, which offers up to 70 inches of horizontal boom transfer. The company says the model, introduced at World of Concrete this week, is now the only new traversing telehandler on the market.

At a lift height of 44 feet, 6 inches, the Traverse has a nearly identical landing height.  Pettibone says this is in contrast to a traditional fixed boom pivot machine, where the true landing height is generally several feet less than the advertised lift height, since operators must account for withdrawing the forks out of the load with enough rearward travel for the fork tips to clear the landing zone. The Traverse allows for a maximum forward reach of 35 feet, 10 inches and can safely land a load on a fourth floor.

Powered by a 74-horsepower Cummins 3.8-liter Tier 4 Final engine, the Traverse has a DOC muffler and requires no diesel exhaust fluid. Users desiring more horsepower can opt for a 117-horsepower engine.

“The engine is side mounted for easy access,” says Bob Mayor, project manager for telehandlers.

Pettibone Traverse T944 X 33071

The unit has 4-wheel drive with limited front axle slip differential and has a 14-foot 1-inch turning radius. The T944X offers cylinder cushioning to dampen the end of extending and retracing strokes, helping users avoid wear and material spilling.

A single lift cylinder – designed to improve operator sight lines — has twin hydraulic lines for tilt and auxiliary plumbing, It also improves service access compared to internal boom components. “Placing the cylinder on the bottom side of the boom assembly also reduces wear by 40 percent,” Mayo says.

Compared with previous units which had a four-plate welded boom, the 9,000-pound T994X has two formed boom plates welded together, which Pettibone says offers greater strength, reduced weight, and minimizes boom deflection for better control and accuracy while placing loads. In addition, boom overlap is nearly double from previous units, proving smoother operation and reducing contact forces on wear pads.

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In the cab, Pettibone has introduced a new analog/LCD gauge cluster, with an optional 7-inch digital display with integrated back-up camera. Other features include flat bolt-in glass, split door design, an openable rear window and USB plug.

The traversing boom feature comes at a 10 to 15 percent price premium over a fixed-boom unit, says Pettibone.

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