Hoelscher Spike handles motor grader tasks twice as fast

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Updated Dec 27, 2017
This 12-foot-wide road maintainer from Hoelscher features 37 carbide-tipped spikes.This 12-foot-wide road maintainer from Hoelscher features 37 carbide-tipped spikes.

Hoelscher’s new Spike road maintainer is true to its name – it has two rows of rigid spikes for rejuvenating roads.

The attachment is made for tractors of 60 to 70 horsepower. The company says it is simple to operate and can be used at twice the speed of a motor grader, saving time and labor costs because it does not require extensive training to operate as does a motor grader.

The 37 carbide-tipped spikes can dig beneath corrugations, ruts and potholes while leaving material in place.

Spike comes with a magnet attached to its rear for removing nails and other tire-puncturing metals from roads. It can eliminate windrows that can create driving hazards and use the gravel to create a more durable surface, the company says.

The machine’s floating level bar for spreading aggregate can be adjusted to pull material toward the crown to restore the road’s profile.

The Spike is 12 and a half feet wide, 44.2 inches high and 13 feet, 10 inches long. It weighs about a ton and can attach to category II or III hitches.