Deere boosts power on new PA15B, PA30B auger attachments

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Updated Nov 1, 2017
John Deere’s PA30B planetary auger attachmentJohn Deere’s PA30B planetary auger attachment

John Deere says it has upgraded its PA15B and PA30B planetary auger attachments to be more powerful and productive.

They are part of Deere’s B-Series Worksite Pro attachments for skid steers, compact track loaders, compact excavators and compact wheel loaders.

Deere boosted the hydraulic motor’s operating pressure to 3,100 pounds per square inch to increase digging power for both models. The planetary gear set has been set closer to the motor to reduce stress on the motor.  The input shaft and shaft seal in the five-gear gearbox have also been upgraded. And Deere increased the torque rating on the PA30B from 4,166 feet-pounds to 4,500 feet-pounds.

Deere kept the reverse rotation feature for both models, which allows the operator to quickly back the drill out when it hits obstructions. The feature also sheds dirt when working in wet conditions. They both include the self-cleaning Quik-Tach system for fast attachment changes.

The augers work with such bit styles and diameters as standard 4- to 6-inch, 9- to 12-inch rock and frost, and 18- to 36-inch tree and shrub.

Quick specs

Model          Max bit diameter       Minimum hydraulic flow        Max hydraulic flow

PA15B             24 inches                          6 gallons per minute                       15 gallons per minute

PA30B            36 inches                          14 gallons per minute                     30 gallons per minute