PHOTOS: The heavy equipment, dirt and demos of ICUEE 2017

Updated Oct 13, 2017

The Equipment World team has spent the last few days walking the lots and exhibit halls of ICUEE 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky. Known as “the demo show,” ICUEE offers a lot of chances to get behind the controls of some of the latest machines on the market.

Below is a collection of photos of all the various machines on display at this year’s show.


Dscf4600 Dscf4601 Dscf4602 Dscf4605 Dscf4606 Dscf4607 Dscf4608 Dscf4609 Dscf4610 Dscf4624 Dscf4625 Dscf4626 Dscf4628 Dscf4629 Dscf4632 Dscf4634 Dscf4635 Dscf4636 Dscf4637 Dscf4638 Dscf4639 Dscf4641 Dscf4643 Dscf4645 Dscf4658 Dscf4659 Dscf4660 Dscf4661 Dscf4662 Dscf4663 Dscf4665 Dscf4667 Dscf4669 Dscf4672 Dscf4673 Dscf4677 Dscf4678 Dscf4679 Dscf4680 Dscf4681