Manitou unveils Gehl T650/750 telescopic artic loaders, new compact excavators at both ends of range

Updated May 8, 2017
Manitou’s Mustang 708 articulated loader.Manitou’s Mustang 708 articulated loader.

Manitou has launched several new compact machines as of late among which are duos of new articulated loader and compact excavator models for the company’s Gehl and Mustang machine lineups.

We’ll start with the company’s new articulated loaders. We got a preview of these machines last year at the bauma show in Germany. But now that they’ve made their North American debut, Manitou has shared a few more details. The company has also announced the launch of a pair of telescopic models under the Gehl brand.

The new 608/708 articulated loaders from Mustang and 650/750 models under the Gehl lineup are Manitou’s largest articulated loaders to date and are powered by a 65-horsepower Yanmar engine in the 600 models, and a 75-hp Duetz engine in the 700 models.

The Gehl 650 and Mustang 608 weigh in at 8,680 pounds and have a straight tipping load with bucket of 6,173 pounds. Bucket height to hinge pin is 130.5 inches and ground clearance is 14.6 in.

The 750 and 708 weigh in at 9,934 lbs. with a straight tipping load with bucket of 7,275 lbs. Bucket height to hinge pin is 136.8 in. and ground clearance is 12.3 in.

The articulated steering on all four of these maneuverable models is capable of angles up to 45 degrees, allowing for a consistent turning radius. Each machine also features Manitou’s Power-A-Tach quick mounting system, an automatic track tensioning system, straight tracking, joystick-mounted front and rear locking differentials and hydraulic two-speed transmission and 18.5 gpm auxiliary hydraulic flow standard. High-flow hydraulics are an available option as is a climate controlled enclosed cab.

A Bluetooth audio system with weather-proof speakers is another option as is a seven-way adjustable seat.

New Telescopic Loaders for Gehl

Gehl T750Gehl T750

Manitou has also taken the wraps off two new telescopic articulated loaders under the Gehl brand. By adding a telescoping boom, these configurations of the Gehl 650 and 750 greatly increase hinge pin height. Even with the bucket retracted, hinge pin height increases from just under 11 feet on the 650 to 11 feet, 5 inches on the T650, and from just over 11 feet on the 750 to 12 ft., 10 inches on the T750. With the bucket fully extended, the T650’s hinge pin height increases to 14 feet while the T750’s increases to 16 feet, 6 inches.

Gehl T650Gehl T650

Max dump angle at full height is 45 degrees on both loaders. The loaders’ articulation angle decreases from the regular 650 and 750 configurations from 45 degrees to 40.

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Bucket breakout force is 11,004 pounds on the T650 and 10,052 pounds on the T750. Static tipping load with the bucket retracted is 6,641 pounds and 7,794 pounds on the T650 and T750, respectively. That measure drops to 3,808 and 4,071 pounds on the respective machines when the bucket is extended.

Compact Excavators

Gehl’s M08 and M100 compact excavators cap either end of Manitou’s excavator range.Gehl’s M08 and M100 compact excavators cap either end of Manitou’s excavator range.

On the excavator side, Manitou has expanded its lineup with new machines at both ends of the Gehl and Mustang size range.

The Gehl M100 and Mustang 1000M will be Manitou’s largest excavators, are powered by a 72-hp engine and weigh in at 21,550 pounds. Width is 7 feet, 7 inches and tail swing radius is 4 feet, 4 inches. Dump height is 16 feet, 10 inches and dig depth is 14 feet, 10 inches. Bucket breakout force is 12,216 lbs.-ft.

Manitou says its excavators offer 360 degrees of visibility, a standard track drive system and give operators a choice of two ways to operate with either ISO and SAE (backhoe) control patterns. In addition, the blade on these machines can be angled 25 degrees in either direction to eliminate repetitive repositioning when backfilling.

Weighing in at 2,348 pounds and sporting a 10-hp engine are the Gehl M08 and Mustang 80M. These new machines will be the smallest Manitou offers at only 2 feet, 3 inches wide with a tail swing radius of 2 feet, 5 inches. Dump height is 6 feet, 5 inches while dig depth is 4 feet, 7 inches. Bucket breakout force is 2,360 lbs.-ft.