Ditch Witch intros Air Saber, an excavation lance that boosts digging speed and comfort

Updated Nov 29, 2016

ditch-witch-air-saber-images2Ditch Witch has introduced a new air excavation lance with a design the company says increases airflow and operator comfort.

Designed for use with air excavators, the new Air Saber lance is rated at 250 psi for faster, more efficient digging. The lance features a fiberglass body and is nonconductive to increase operator safety across a variety of utility installation projects. Another safety-focused design aspect of this lance is its spring-lock, quick-connection system which prevents the air hose from inadvertent separation.

A full-hand squeeze trigger has been located in a more “natural position,” Ditch Witch says, and is more comfortable and easy to use when compared to other lances on the market. A 36-inch extension can quickly be connected for deeper digging depths.

“The Air Saber represents a leap forward in the air-excavation industry by improving operators’ comfort, safety and digging performance on the job. And the increased airflow at 250 psi is an industry game changer for faster operation,” says Jason Proctor, Ditch Witch product manager for vacuum excavators.