Ditch Witch launches updated JT100, JT100 All Terrain models with new engine and more

Updated Oct 18, 2016

Ditch Witch has launched updates to its two largest directional drills anchored by a Tier 4 engine but also including operator comfort and stability improvements.

The new JT100 and JT100 All Terrain are powered by a 260-horsepower Cummins engine providing enough power for drilling through the toughest of conditions, including solid rock. Both drills feature 100,000 pounds of pullback and 12,000 lbs.-ft. of torque. Ditch Witch says these machines are ideal for long bores such as river crossings and the installation of large-diameter pipe.

ditch-witch-jt100-all-terrain-5Both drills feature a large-capacity, 230-gallon-per-minute fluid pump and larger hoses and fittings which help move fluid downhole faster.

Ditch Witch says the design of both machines allows for operation on both open and condensed jobsites. The machines also feature improvements in noise abatement for quieter operation. The machines’ stability has also been improved thanks to dual-pivot drill frames which allow for steeper angles of entry without having to raise tracks off of the ground.

The machines feature heavy duty anchor systems that Ditch Witch says eliminate the need for large and expensive supporting equipment.

The fully-enclosed cab features tinted windows and a full-color LCD monitor that displays information including engine diagnostics and machine performance.