Vermeer, Trimble intro T1255III Direct Drive Terrain Leveler factory ready for grade control

Updated Aug 24, 2016

Vermeer T1255III Direct Drive Terrain Leveler

Thanks to a partnership with Trimble, Vermeer is now offering a factory-ready grade control option on its T1255III Direct Drive Terrain Leveler surface excavation machine (SEM).

Designed for road demolition, surface mining and site prep, Vermeer says its Terrain Leveler lineup features a milling drum attachment that delivers consistent material, reducing the need for primary crushers, large loaders, large haul trucks and the associated permits to transport material to crushers. End material is transportable by regular highway trucks, and because the drum is an attachment, it can be switched out with other attachments.

Spec’ing the T1255III out with the Trimble Ready option reduces the time and cost of installing Trimble’s GCS900 Grade Control System on the machine. When equipped, Trimble’s GCS900 grade control uses GPS to control the T1255III’s cutting head depth and pitch, allowing operators to cut to the surface mine plan more precisely.

Trimble says steering coordinates can also by provided by the GCS900 to reduce human error for cutting head overlap. The system also allows a mine operator to set parameters where the machine can and cannot cut using a 3D model and machine control.

Upon ordering a Trimble Ready T1255III, the GCS900 grade control system can be purchased through a Trimble SITECH dealer.