Phillips 66 Lubricants unveils new manual transmission lube for severe applications

Updated Jan 6, 2016

New high-power, high-torque manual transmissions can put a beating on the lubricants in the gearbox. So Phillips 66 Lubricants has added two new heavy-duty synthetic transmission lubricants to address this challenge.

The Triton Synthetic MTF and Kendall SHP Synthetic MTF are full-synthetic manual transmission lubricants designed for use in heavy-duty commercial transmissions operating in extreme temperatures and extended service intervals. Both products are approved for the new Eaton PS-386 spec.

The lower viscosity design of these two transmission lubricants can boost fuel economy by up to 1.5 percent compared to previous generations of SAE 50 manual transmissions. They’re also recommended for extended drain service in most heavy-duty manual transmissions.