Caterpillar’s new 325F L excavator a real Scrooge on fuel, but not on power (PHOTOS)

Updated Dec 28, 2015
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Caterpillar has introduced a new mid-size excavator designed for close-quarters work that delivers major fuel savings, faster cycle times and an increase in lifting capacity over its predecessor, the 321D.

The new 325F L is powered by the Tier 4 Final-compliant Cat C4.4 ACERT engine pushing 161 net horsepower. The machine can run on biodiesel up to B20 and consumes 22 percent less fuel than the 321D with no loss in swing torque and bucket/stick forces.

Fuel savings are enhanced by both an isochronous control that automatically manages pump and engine speed as well as boom and stick recirculation valves. The new machine also brings three power modes in high power, standard and eco, giving the operator more active management of fuel consumption.

The display on the 325F L outfitted with a backup camera view.The display on the 325F L outfitted with a backup camera view.

The 325F L also features an 8-percent increase in max lifting capacity over the 321D at 27,000 pounds at 15 feet over the front at ground level.

The machine weighs in at 57,115 pounds, features a 45,591-pound drawbar pull and a swing speed of 11.2 rpm.

Cat says the machine is ideally sized for space-restricted jobsites such as road work zones with lane closures or jobs in close proximity to buildings and other structures.

The 325F L has a front swing radius of 7 feet, 8 inches and a tail swing radius of 5 feet, 8 inches, giving it the ability to dig, swing and dump in a working space of 13 feet, 4 inches. Cat adds that when the machine is rotated 90 degrees and working over one side, only 5 inches of counterweight extends beyond the track width.

Beyond the power and fuel upgrades, the new machine is also compatible with the new Cat Pin Grabber coupler which allows quick attachment changes from the safety of the cab.

Speaking of the machine’s ROPS cab, the 325F L is better sealed to reduce vibration and sound and comes standard with a fully adjustable heated seat, adjustable armrests and joystick consoles along with an automatic climate control system.

Operators will also find an LCD monitor along with a new radio with an auxiliary jack for plugging in a smartphone or MP3 player for audio. The cab also features ample storage and auxiliary power.

Cat says most maintenance points cab be accessed from ground level and is more durable than its predecessor thanks to a high-pressure fuel system with a newly designed pump and injectors; a modified X-frame design; robotically-welded front linkage; and a heavy -duty undercarriage with massive track frames, heavy-duty track rulers and forged carrier rollers.