Doosan unveils DL200-5 wheel loader with hydrostatic drive, improved cab (PHOTOS)

Updated Dec 9, 2015

Replacing the Dash-3 models, Doosan has launched the DL200-5 wheel loader and DL200TC-5 tool carrier as the company’s first with a hydrostatic drive system.

Both DL200 models are powered by a Tier 4 Final-compliant, 142-horsepower engine and have a 2.6 cubic-yard bucket capacity. The wheel loader model weighs in at 25,795 pounds and has a dump height of 9 feet, 6 inches in standard configuration and 26,566 pounds with an 11-foot dump height in the high-lift config. The tool carrier weighs 26,224 pounds and has a dump height of 8 feet, 9 inches.

The new hydrostatic drive system on these machine replaces the torque converter transmission found on the Dash-3 models. Doosan says the new machines have seen fuel efficiency and productivity boosts and experience less wear and tear on the breaks due to the way the system automatically slows the loader.

Further fuel efficiency gains come through a new auto-shutdown mode, and three selectable power modes. Auto-shutdown can be configured with idle times between 3 minutes and 1 hour. The three power modes include Power, Standard and Economy.

The machines also feature tractional control management, which Doosan says allows operators to adjust traction force to match jobsite conditions and reduce wheel slippage. The feature has three modes:

  • Max: Maximum traction force
  • Traction control: A choice between three levels of reduced traction forces to match conditions
  • S-Mode: Improved traction on slippery roadways

Another feature, speed management, allows operators to fine tune the machine’s max travel speed in order to obtain full engine rpm for optimal lift arm of hydraulic attachment performance. Operators can set speed via seven present levels within first gear, up to 8 mph.

Inside the cab, Doosan has updated the dashboard keypad, improved visibility and included a new adjustable steering column for more legroom. Plus, new fuel gauge displays real-time fuel consumption data. Two rear LED lamps provide better visibility at night.

The machines also feature heated mirrors and a sun visor. A rearview camera is an available option.