Kohler launches 3 new electronic fuel injection engines at ICUEE

The Confidant EFI with recoil starting.The Confidant EFI with recoil starting.

At the ICUEE trade show this week, Kohler is introducing three new engines featuring its electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology: the Confidant EFI, Command PRO EFI CH440 and Command PRO EFI 999cc.

Like its other EFI engines, Kohler says the new models deliver a fuel economy boost of about 25 percent over their predecessors. The new engines utilize Kohler’s closed-loop system which uses an oxygen sensor in the muffler to continuously monitor the air/fuel mixture. If the mixture strays from the ideal level, the sensor triggers adjustments to the amount of fuel injected into the system.

Kohler says the new engines improve power reliability over their predecessors as well, adding that because the system replaces a carburetor, issues related to that component are eliminated, including residue buildup caused by using ethanol-gasoline.

The Confidant EFI lineup will consist of four engines ranging between 20 and 27 horsepower. The lineup will also incorporate optional recoil starting, making it the EFI first engine to offer the feature.

The 14-horsepower Command PRO CH440 EFI is an upgrade to the legacy single-cylinder CH440 with the addition of EFI. It features a four-stage cyclonic air cleaner and will be the first single-cylinder, closed-loop EFI engine. It is designed for powering generators, welders, utility vehicles, stump grinders and more.

Finally, the Command PRO EFI 999cc is designed for large commercial mowing equipment and machines found at rental houses. The EFI 999cc delivers up to 38 hp and 55.3 lb.-ft. of torque.