Terramac unveils the RT14: its largest crawler carrier yet with 14-ton capacity; adds digger derrick to RT9 (PHOTOS)

Updated Sep 30, 2015

Terramac has launched its largest crawler carrier yet, the RT14, with a carrying capacity 55 percent higher than the popular RT9 model. The machine was introduced today at the 2015 International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, Kentucky.

“With the RT14, contractors are able to effortlessly transport a much heavier amount of materials and supplies to the jobsite while continuing to exert a very low ground pressure,” Terramac President Andrew Konopka said. “The main benefit to this machine is the increased capacity, and that it can carry more weight, such as additional mats. The pipeline guys really like that.”

The RT14 can carry a maximum of 28,000 lbs./12.4 cubic yards and travel up to 6 mph via a 280 hp QSC 8.3 Cummins engine. Fully loaded ground pressure comes in at 7.5 psi, with unloaded ground pressure at 3.9 psi. Unloaded machine weight is 32,650 pounds.

Additional features include a 7-inch touch screen monitor as well as an upgraded joystick control, a feature sales director Matt Slater said came from dealer feedback about the RT9.

Options include an open or closed cab, and as with the RT9, the RT14 can be outfitted with bark blowers, cranes, drills, generators, tanks or crew carriers.

Four cameras can be added to the machine via a Parker IQAN-MD4 control system. Rollover protection structures and falling object project structures are standard.

Digger derrick for the RT9

Terramac also introduced a permanently mounted digger derrick to its existing RT9 crawler carrier; an option Konopka is an advantage for the utility industry because of the machinery’s adaptability.

“Its ability to effortlessly maneuver through the toughest terrain, reach the most remote jobsites and dig, lift and set on any ground condition makes it a unique customization,” he said. “The digger derrick addition to the RT9 really gets us into the utility market.”

The addition is a Terex Commander 4045 that Terramac installs at its facility. With the digger derrick installed, the RT9 provides a sheave height of 26.8 to 44.8 feet, and a maximum capacity of 22,250 lbs. and a 10-foot capacity of 10,900 lbs. With this configuration, the RT9 also can be fitted with multiple sized augers and outriggers.