Firefighters use heavy equipment to control fire at sand and gravel facility

A fire broke out at a Massachusetts sand and gravel facility Tuesday, and the firefighters on the scene put to use some of the heavy equipment that’s usually used for moving aggregates instead of burning debris.

According to, the fire started early Tuesday morning at Worcester Sand and Gravel and quickly spread to about an acre with upwards of three-foot flames. The fire spread through an area at the operation where tree debris and tree stumps are disposed, fueling the flames.

Firefighters from three different local agencies â€“ Shrewsbury, Boylston and Grafton – were battling to extinguish the fire using whatever methods could control the flames and even began to use some of the heavy equipment, presumably dozers and wheel loaders, at Worcester Sand and Gravel.

They were able to move burning debris to help keep things under control and to create an actual barrier to prevent the fire from spreading any more.

The fire wasn’t under control until more than six hours after crews arrived on the scene. It couldn’t be completely contained, so the crews made the decision to let it burn itself out since rain was expected later in the day.