Master Status: JCB launches a technician training program and national championship rolled into one

JCB CTL service technician mechanic

Calling service technicians the “unsung heroes” of its dealership network, UK-based equipment manufacturer JCB has launched a new program in North America that seeks to celebrate these techs’ achievements in a decidedly more heroic manner—championship ring and all.

Dubbed the Master Technician program, the initiative is equal parts training and competition.

First comes the training. Dealers nominate worthy technicians for the program who then must pass an entry exam. If accepted, the technicians then must pass a series of training programs and hands-on skill challenges along with a set of distance learning classes, JCB systems efficiency testing, Core Product Component Testing and other service based tests.

Only after completing these steps do participants earn the designation of Master Technician. But that’s not the end of the story.

Once attaining Master status, these special techs are then invited to one of 12 regional competitions hosted by JCB where they will compete for a Master Technician Ring. The 12 winners then advance to a National Master Technician contest where the overall champion will be crowned, earning an all-expenses-paid trip to JCB headquarters in the UK.

Rick Papalia, Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations for Northland JCB states,

“We feel it is very important for any technician to understand all training opportunities that are available, and how they can continue to learn and grow with the company and advance their career,” said JCB Northland states senior vice president of corporate operations Rick Papalia.

“Not only does it provide an opportunity to expand their understanding of the product, but it helps them to keep up with rapidly changing technology, some of which can be quite advanced. The Master Tech Program training structure will also result in the highest levels of service people possible. Most importantly, it will give our service technicians a means to recognize their accomplishments.”