Crane tips, crashes into University of Pittsburgh building

Updated Jul 13, 2015

A crane accident ended in the best way possible in Pittsburgh recently—with no injuries and little damage.

According to a report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a crane owned by masonry contractor Franco Associates was lifting a load of scaffolding when it tipped and fell over onto Langley Hall on the University of Pittsburgh campus July 3.

The crane was being used to replace mortar on nearby Ruskin Hall, a residential building. A worker with Franco Associates told the Post-Gazette â€śone of the construction truck’s outriggers or jackstands was not in place, causing the crane to become unstable.”

The paper reports minimal cosmetic damage was done to the building’s eaves. Though classes were not in session when the crash occurred, the building was evacuated until the crane was uprighted using another crane and a cherry picker.