Pile driving rig operators, contractors team up for certification program

Updated Dec 22, 2014

pile driving rig operators NCCCO safety

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators and the Pile Driving Contractors Association have teamed up to form a task force, with the ultimate goal a top-notch certification program for operators of dedicated pile driving rigs.

Expected to be available in 2016, the program will be developed with the same strict standards as other CCO certification programs, says Joel Oliva, director of operations and program development, NCCCO. Drawing on industry support, subject matter expertise and psychometric guidance, the program will include written and practical exams administered by independent third-party examiners. “The Pile Driving Rig Operator Program will be fair, valid, reliable and legally defensible,” Oliva says.

Staff from the NCCCO and the PDCA, along with representatives from manufacturers, contractors, safety personnel and other stakeholders will develop the program over the next year. Similar to other CCO certification programs, a professional job task analysis will serve as the exam’s foundation, and content will be based on field experience. The International Assessment Institute, a testing services company, will serve as psychometric consultants.