Volvo launches EC250E, EC300E crawler excavators with fuel efficiency, productivity gains

Updated Jul 9, 2014

Anti-Blank Firing

Volvo Construction Equipment keyed in on efficiency gains with the launch of the Tier 4 Final EC250E and EC300E crawler excavators, which include a range of advanced features that optimize hydraulic flow while minimizing pressure losses. With the ability to manually control the flow to the hydraulics using an integrated work mode system, the operator can choose the work mode based on the current job.

Productivity boosting features include Volvo’s ECO mode, which automatically reduces fuel consumption without reducing performance, and an optional automatic idling and auto-engine shutdown system. The operator simply sets the controls for between 3 and 20 seconds, and then the engine speed will be automatically reduced to idle if the machine’s controls are inactive for that amount of time. If the machine is motionless for 5 minutes, the engine will automatically turn off, reducing fuel consumption as well as emissions and noise.

Machine controllability is improved via a proportional two-pump flow that enables the operator to achieve a higher quality grading finish in less time. Combined with the full electro-hydraulic control system, the high pump flow also creates faster response and cycle times, and an increased pump input torque further boosts cycle times. The boom float function allows the power pump for boom lowering to be saved or used for other functions.

Operator comfort and convenience are addressed through the excavators’ HMI, or advanced human machine interface, which ensures the correct placement of joysticks, keypad and LCD monitor for the best control, comfort and efficiency. The number of switches on the ergonomic interfaces has also been reduced from previous designs. The HMI also includes Bluetooth and a hands-free function that enables the operator to connect to wireless functions.

Additional features include an attachment management system that stores the settings for up to 20 different hydraulic attachments and an After Treatment Control Module that that controls, monitors and diagnoses the aftertreatment system to ensure emission regulation compliance. The E-Series excavators also feature a heavy-duty superstructure with reinforced idler frame, track links and bottom rollers.

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