PHOTOS: This Ferrari 412 pickup conversion is the fastest work truck on any jobsite

Updated Jun 25, 2014
Ferrari 412 work truck 4

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“What if this Ferrari had a truck bed?” is likely something no one had ever thought before the History Channel gave a guy named Elo his own show. That being said, you’d certainly turn a few heads at the jobsite if you showed up in the insane conversion he created.

Elo, the owner and founder of the London Motor Museum and London Supercar Workshop, and his friend/mechanic Will Trickett have brought to life a very El Camino-like pickup using a 1989 Ferrari 412 for the show “Ultimate Wheels.”

Using an angle-grinder to shave 300mm off of the roof and “shifting everything forward,” the pair of maniacs were able to create a 3-foot truck bed at the back of the sports car. The car retains its 4.9-liter V12 making this the fastest work truck ever. They even jacked up the rear suspension to increase the load the car could carry (which still isn’t much) and lined the bed with teak, a tough wood used in luxury yachts.

For “why not?” purposes, they also added a shotgun scoop bonnet and a bespoke exhaust system giving the driver the ability to “growl” the exhaust at the flip of a switch. A Bang & Olufson sound system was also added to the car. You can see the subwoofer hidden by the teak truck bed in the gallery above.