Doosan’s new wedge lock coupler allows for fast attachment changes with no decrease in excavator breakout force

Updated May 14, 2014

Wedge_lock_coupler_DoosanChange excavator attachments without decreasing breakout force with Doosan’s wedge lock coupler designed for use with the company’s 6- to 53-metric-ton excavators.

The wedge lock coupler allows for the use of multiple attachments, such as heavy-duty digging buckets, trenching buckets and high-capacity bucket models. The coupler also pairs with Doosan’s excavator clamp attachments.

To boost jobsite safety, the wedge lock coupler features a swing ear design and a bolt retainer safety plate that helps keep the attachments from falling. The coupler has a limited increase in tip radius over pin-on mounting.

The wedge lock coupler manual mounting system fits 13 crawler-excavator models:

  • DX63-3
  • DX85R-3
  • DX10LC-3
  • DX140LCR-3
  • DX180LC-3
  • DX225LC-3
  • DX235LCR
  • DX255LC-3
  • DX300LC-3
  • DX350LC-3
  • DX420LC-3
  • DX490LC-3
  • DX530LC-3