Bobcat launches 600 frame-size loaders: Tier 4 performance with no DPF

Updated Jan 16, 2020
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Meet emissions standards with no sacrifice in productivity with Bobcat’s Tier 4 600 frame-size loaders, which do not require a diesel particulate filter.

The four loaders—S630 and S650 skid steer loaders and T630 and T650 compact track loaders—feature an ultra-low particulate combustion engine. The ULPC has a specially designed engine combustion chamber that reduces particulate matter created during combustion.

The 74-horsepower mid-size loaders deliver increased torque over a wide range of engine rpm for maximum efficiency.

The loaders also feature longer service intervals, with the engine oil and filter change interval increased from 250 hours in the previous model to 500 hours in the 600 loaders.

An air filter equipped with a built-in pre-cleaner extends filter life when used in high debris applications, and a cartridge style block heater ensures engine starts in cold conditions. Machine protection systems monitor coolant and oil temperatures, managing the engine to prevent reaching a shut-down point for minimal engine wear and no loss of productivity. Cold weather protection limits the max engine speed until the engine reaches operating temperature.

The loader lineup has a two-speed option for faster travel—the skid-steer models have a 7.1-mph max speed in low mode and 12.3 in high mode, while the track loaders have a top speed of 6.6 mph in low and 1.7 in high. The all-steel suspension reduces vibration and noise. The T630 and T650 compact track loaders offer 4.0 and 4.2 psi ground pressure with wide tracks, respectively.

Cab features include a cab-forward design that ensures visibility in all directions by moving the operator closer to the attachment. Bobcat says the loaders feature the largest cab door opening on the market, which allows the operator a better view of the cutting edge the bucket or attachment corners.

Large side and rear windows provide a view to the tires, tracks and back of the machine, and a large top window allows the operator to see the attachment when the lift arms are raised. The sealed, pressurized cab offers a choice of standard foot pedal hydraulic controls, Advanced Control System or the Selectable Joystick Controls on the four machines.

Bobcat S, T loaders quick specs