Tesla VP denies, laughs at question regarding company’s plans for an electric pickup

Updated Jan 21, 2014
Jalopnik’s hilarious mockup of the future Tesla pickupJalopnik’s hilarious mockup of the future Tesla pickup

In an about-face for the company, at the Detroit Auto Show last week Tesla’s VP of Sales and Service laughed when he was asked about the company’s previously announced plans to build an electric pickup truck.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the announcement during a Q&A at Business Insider’s Ignition event in November. Musk said the company would likely make a half-ton truck like the Ford F-150 within the next five years.

When Andrew Collins of Jalopnik’s pickup and SUV blog Truck Yeah asked Tesla’s sales VP Jerome Guillen to talk a bit about those plans during a Q&A, Guillen laughed and said he â€śdoes not know where rumors came from” regarding Tesla’s plans to build a pickup.

Capping off the weird reaction, Tesla representatives took the microphone away from Collins so he couldn’t ask anymore questions.

So the founder and CEO of the company says they are, but the VP of sales says they’re not. Guess we’ll have to wait and see who knows what’s going on.

When the news about a Tesla pickup hit, we polled readers about their interest in such an electric pickup. Of the 180 responses, 30 percent said they would be interested in a Tesla truck and 8 percent said there’s nothing to consider—they would definitely buy a Tesla pickup. Another 32 percent said diesel half-tons are the real solution for better fuel economy.