4 rules for calculating Backhoe Owning & Operating costs

Updated Mar 10, 2014
John Deere 310 SJ TCJohn Deere 310 SJ TC

What’s it really cost to run a backhoe? Probably a lot more than you think.

The following will guide you through an example of how to accurately figure these costs. Before we get into the numbers, be aware that these are just ballpark figures, from a few years ago, for discussion purposes only. The purchase price of newer equipment today will be higher, and diesel fuel prices fluctuate constantly. Also these figures do not include state and local registrations, taxes, and fees.

We based these calculations on a John Deere 310, model year 2008, with a purchase price of $75,000. That’s the bare-bones model. Deere told us the price could go $10,000 higher with enclosed cab and auxiliary hydraulics (which is something you may want to seriously consider when you look at the labor costs.)


Let’s look at the owning costs >>