Terex launches updated General 80 digger derrick line

Updated Oct 10, 2013

Terex Gen 80 Digger DerrickTerex has updated their line of General 80 digger derricks, boosting capacity and improving maintenance features. Announced at ICUEE 2013, the improvements include commonality in controls and parts and servicing requirements.

The General 80 features a 79.9-foot sheave height, 26,600-pound lift capacity at 10-foot radius (fully retracted), 1,840-pound lift capacity at zero degrees (fully extended) and a 36.4-foot digging reach.

The unit features fewer hoses and a smaller collector block than previous models, ensuring improved accessibility to maintenance points. The digger derrick has a full pressure open centered hydraulic system, 100 degrees of boom travel (+80 to -20 degrees), dual lift cylinders, continuous unrestricted rotation and a custom zoned load chart.

Additional new features include boom extension rollers to boost support around the boom; a digger hanger shaft that keeps the unstowed auger centered below the boom, ensuring even loading; a hydraulic tilt pole guide that interlocks; a dual hydraulic cylinder trapezoidal design that stabilizes the boom during digging and rotation and a load moment limiter.