Construction worker punches bank robber into a jail cell

Updated Aug 22, 2013
Frazer PiccoloFrazer Piccolo

If it wasn’t bad enough that alleged bank robber Frazer Piccolo was literally caught red-handed, his capture was assisted by a construction worker with a mean right hook.

According to a report from KPTV in Portland, Oregon, the 44-year-old Piccolo entered the Bank of the West on Division St., at 10:45 a.m. Monday before passing a note to a worker that demanded money.

After grabbing a bag of cash, Piccolo made his getaway by hopping into a taxi. While in the cab, a dye pack stashed with the money exploded, covering the suspect’s hands in red paint.

Police told KPTV that Piccolo then jumped out of the cab and took off down Grant Street where a group of construction workers were waiting for him. From a distance, a few guys in the crew noticed Piccolo’s frantic pace as well as the red paint on his hands. They put two and two together and decided to confront him.

When they did, Piccolo got bold and threw a punch that missed. One of the workers countered with a punch that landed perfectly, sending Piccolo to the ground. The workers held him there until police arrived.