Volvo’s new ECR58D, ECR88D short swing radius excavators offer big machine features

Updated Jul 10, 2013
Volvo ECR58D short swing radius excavatorVolvo ECR58D short swing radius excavator

Volvo says its newest short wing radius excavators offer both performance and productivity in confined spaces.

The ECR58D and ECR88D feature a narrow body design, centrally positioned boom and rear that swings within its track shoe.  The D-Series excavators have automatic two-speed travel and hydraulic travel pedals, a joystick that controls slew and offset movements simultaneously and a three piece high tensile steel X-shaped frame undercarriage.

Both excavators have Tier 4 final, four-cylinder engines that produce 50 and 58 horsepower, respectively, with an exhaust aftertreatment system that delivers lower emissions and seamless operation during regeneration. An auto-idle system reduces the engines speed based on a 3- to 20-second period pre-set by the operator.

The excavators are available in a range of configurations including mono-boom or optional two-piece boom on the ECR88D, as well as several arm and blade choices.

Max digging reach is 19 feet 8 inches (short arm) or 20 feet 11 inches (long arm) on the ECR58D, and 22 feet 10 inches (short arm) or 24 feet 1 inch (long arm) on the ECR88D. The ECR58D offers a max dig depth of either 11 feet 7 inches or 12 feet 11 inches, and the ECR88D provides a dig depth of up to either 13 feet 7 inches or 14 feet 10 inches, depending upon arm configuration.

Operator comfort is addressed via an adjustable seat, vibration and noise insulation, ergonomic armrests and more. The ROPS-certified cab has large areas of flat glass for improved all-around visibility. With respect to maintenance, all of the excavators’ service and cleaning points are ground-level accessible under a large lockable hood.