Sany’s new 165-ton SCC8150 crawler crane combines control, performance and comfort

Updated Jul 11, 2013

Sany SCC8150 crawler craneSany America’s latest is the SCC8150 crawler crane, which offers a 165-ton rated lift capacity, and has max lift capacity at a radius of 16.1 feet.

Powered by a 340-horsepower Tier 4 interim Cummins engine, the crane can be configured with either a main boom that reaches to 269 feet or a 102-foot-long fixed jib. A 325-horsepower Tier 3 engine is also available.

The SCC8150 has independently driven crawler assemblies that enable forward and reverse travel, as well as pivot steering and counter rotation. The crane’s main winch has up to 1,148 feet of 1-inch Diepa Rope and features a 29,542-pound rated line pull, with maximum line speed of 580 feet per minute.

The SCC8150 weighs 99,208 pounds without track frames and with boom butt, and the crane measures 53.5 feet long and 11.5 feet wide, with a basic height of 10.5 feet. Up to 162,918 pounds of counterweight is available. Features include a Rexroth hydraulic system including main pump, main valve and servo control, and the hydraulically driven swing system delivers 360-degree rotation.

The crane’s Porsche-designed UltraCab 2 offers a range of features, including convenient function screens and video monitors that enhance operator control; boom elevation device; externally mounted cameras; emergency stop capability and more.