Galpin Auto Sports created the life-sized Ford Tonka truck we’ve always wanted (PHOTOS)

Updated Jun 28, 2013

Ford Tonka T-Rex Galpin Auto SportsGalpin Auto Sports is becoming one of our favorite custom shops. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at something as cool as this life-sized Ford Tonka pickup truck coming from the guys that brought you the ability to order your very own Bat Truck.

The North Hills, California shop took a Ford F-250 Super Diesel and turned it into just about every little boy’s (and every grown man’s, let’s be honest) dream: a life-sized and officially licensed Tonka truck.

GAS partnered with Funrise Toys, the company that makes Tonka toys, to produce the truck which will be used for charity events and marketing.

Known as the Tonka T-Rex, Galpin crafted the truck beginning with a sweet Tonka-yellow paint job and vinyl graphics. The grille is a custom, Tonka-branded job with blackout badges. The truck also features Bushwacker pocket-style fender flares and, to give it that rough Tonka look, GAS installed Line-X bedliner material around the grille, on the fender flares, inside the fender wells, in the bed, on the bumpers and on the running boards.

Over the bed is an off-road rescue tool kit and mounting rack. Inside, the truck features a custom yellow and black interior, complemented by Tonka logos, along with a security system and a JL and Kenwood audio and video system.

As cool as that custom Tonka grille is, our favorite feature is probably the Tonka-branded wheels, which you can see best in the two last photos below.

Unfortunately, unlike the Crimefighter F-150, you won’t be able to order yourself one of these bad boys. However, Funrise is planning on releasing a toy version of the truck next fall.

Ford Tonka T-Rex Galpin Auto Sports

Ford Tonka T-Rex Galpin Auto Sports

Ford Tonka T-Rex Galpin Auto Sports