Pro Pickup: Choosing the right tires for your truck saves money, improves jobsite safety

Updated Feb 5, 2013


Our friends at our sister publication Pro Pickup have put together a really helpful article on choosing the right tires for your pickup.

Having the right tires on your pickup not only saves your company money by decreasing the need for repairs and increasing fuel economy. The right tires also make for a safer working environment for your employees.

The article discusses Low Rolling Resistance tires. LRR tires are designed with lighter materials which decrease weight (and therefore improving fuel economy) and improve tread life.

The importance of inflation monitoring is also discussed as is the need for a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. You can also read up on tread life and mileage warranties which should factor heavily into your purchase decision.

You’ll also find some good tips for monitoring the tread on your tires and when they need to be replaced. (Hint: It involves Abraham Lincoln.) Click here to read over at Pro Pickup.