Dozer, grader advances highlight Deere’s 175th

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It all started with the self-scouring plow in 1837. This year, John Deere celebrates its 175th year, a history that includes the company’s entry into construction equipment in the mid-1950s. Key products along the way include:

1958: The first all-hydraulic dozer, the Model 64, featured a new six-way power-angle-tilt (PAT) blade. The operator could control tilt, angle, lift, and lower with a touch of the levers for more precise control.

1966: In an advance still used today, Deere introduced the first commercially available rollover protection devices (ROPS), later releasing the patent to the industry without charge. 

JD570 articulated motor grader.JD570 articulated motor grader.

1967:  The JD570 articulated motor grader featured front-wheel steering and an articulated frame that provided a smaller turning radius and allowed the operator to keep the rear drive wheels on solid footing while steering the front wheels on a slope, in a ditch, or over a windrow of dirt. Combined with 20-degree, front-wheel lean, articulation further enhanced the grader’s ability to counter side draft.

1976: North America’s first dual-path hydrostatic crawler enabled operators to control direction and speed with a single lever. 

2008: Deere says its 764 High Speed Dozer “represented the first new machine form in the construction equipment industry in 20 years.” The 764 HSD finish-grades and dozes up to twice as fast as a traditional crawler, with articulated-frame steering and purpose-built four-track oscillating undercarriage. Reaching speeds up to 16 mph, the dozer’s rubber tracks allow it to work on hard surfaces such as concrete without damage.