New Link-Belt Spin Ace now available in North America

Link-Belt 235 X3 Spin AceLink-Belt 235 X3 Spin Ace

Link-Belt has replaced one of its popular excavator models, the 225 Spin Ace minimum swing radius excavator, with a new model that boosts both fuel efficiency and lift capacity. The 235 X3 Spin Ace minimum swing radius excavator is available in both LC and Dozer models, and comes equipped with a Tier 4a Interim Isuzu engine with 17.5 percent improved fuel efficiency, 15 percent more lift capacity and 7 percent faster cycle times.

Additional improvements over the 225 Spin Ace include a new interior and improved serviceability via new programmable service interval reminders. A new fuel management system not only improves the excavator’s fuel consumption rate, but also lowers engine rpm during non-critical functions and features additional engine controls such as an auto-idle system.

The new cab is 8 percent larger and has enhanced visibility, a 7-inch LED color monitor and a standard rear-view camera. The 235 X3 Spin Ace also features a fuel consumption gauge on the monitor, newly designed joysticks with single-swipe wiper function and radio mute buttons, a new MP3 audio input, improved climate control system and a repositioned fuse box. Twenty programmable languages ensure anyone can read the display messages.