The Road Connection takes its message to Texas

After spending a good deal of time in the Upper Midwest educating the public about the importance of a long-term highway bill, The Road Connection team heads to The Lone Star State to visit T-K-O
Equipment on May 30, 2012.

As part of the grassroots campaign, a key initiative of The Road Connection is to provide members of the public information on the grave challenges facing U.S. infrastructure, specifically this country’s roads and bridges.

The Road Connection team is taking its message to those in the transportation and
construction industries
, including dealer locations, open houses, and trade shows, so
that they too understand the severity of the situation.

At the end of the month, T-K-O Equipment in Grand Prairie, Texas will open its doors to The Road Connection to speak with their employees about the current status of the highway bill, and discuss some of the advantages that a comprehensive bill would bring to a struggling U.S. economy.

Additionally, The Road Connection team will urge T-K-O employees to contact their Senators and Representatives in Congress from The Road Connection website.

To follow The Road Connection’s progress, visit or