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Concrete pavers/curb and gutter machines

By Lauren Heartsill


The LeeBoy LBC-24W concrete curb and gutter machine is designed to slipform curbs and gutters, alley ribbons and narrow sidewalks.

• Weighs 7,500 pounds

• Features a 44-horsepower turbo diesel engine

• Can be used on soil or pavement using a string line or manual controls.


Tight Radius Untitled 1TIGHT RADIUS

The GOMACO GP-2400 half-width concrete paver slipforms widths up to 24-feet wide on a tight radius.

• G+ control system uses self-diagnostics for grade and steering

• Moves 105 feet per minute in travel speed and 35 feet per minute in low speed

• Features an open-front mold and telescoping frame.


Buying A New Untitled 1Buying a new curb and gutter machine:

When should you buy? Downtime is a killer with a curb and gutter machine. With other pieces of equipment, you lose the operator’s productivity for that day. But with a curb and gutter machine, downtime means a crew of six to 10 laborers being paid without being productive, losing a load or two of concrete ($1,500 to $2,000) and holding up a general contractor who is waiting to pave asphalt when the curbing is finished. When a machine has so many hours on it that a breakdown becomes a consideration each time you pour, you are overdue for a replacement.

Source: Power Curber

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Heavy Duty Untitled 1HEAVY-DUTY

The Arrow 750 XL Slipform Kerber can form over dowels and rebar, in a trench and below grade.

• Uses a Yanmar three-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine

• Features heavy-duty, solid rubber tires on heavy-duty rims

• Has an offset maximum width of 2.46 feet and a maximum height of 1.89 feet.



Overbuilt’s Easi-Pour Compact 880 pours barrier up to 42-inches high and paves up to 8-feet wide.

• Trims and pours at the same time

• Holds 47.2-cubic feet of concrete

• Features a 115-horsepower engine at 2,400 rpm.


Max It Out Untitled 1MAX IT OUT

The Power Curber 5700-C slipform paver handles sidewalks up to 10-feet wide in the center pour position and barrier walls up to 5-feet tall.

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• Optional “Max Package” outfits machine with features such as larger crawlers and mounting plates

• Features a Smart Amp electronic control system

• Uses three hydraulically powered crawler tracks with planetary gear reduction.



Curb Fox Equipment offers an optional belt conveyor for the Model 3000 to enhance the slipformer’s efficiency.

• Allows continuous feeding of the CF3000 when the concrete mixer is at different levels

• Keeps a full head of concrete in the hopper

• Model 3000 remains the legal width with a standard mold.