AEM 2010 Hall of Fame nominations start July 1

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) will begin accepting nominations on July 1 for its 2010 AEM Hall of Fame program to create a wider public understanding and appreciation of the industry’s role, the organization announced on June 17.

Nominations may be submitted on the Hall of Fame Website.

More than 30 industry leaders have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The details on nominating a key industry leader who meets the nominating criteria for the Hall of Fame follow.

As in past years, in 2010 nominees will be evaluated by an independent panel of industry experts, AEM says.

The Hall of Fame was created in 1993 to honor the pioneering individuals who have invented, managed, built and led the off-road equipment industry. The Hall of Fame is AEM’s way to recognize, celebrate and preserve the history of these outstanding industry leaders.

To help individuals who are nominating candidates for the Hall of Fame, click here for a downloadable PDF of a sample nomination form template. The online nomination form will be live on July 1 and the deadline to make a nomination is July 15.

Because the nomination requirements are very specific, AEM is suggesting that potential nominators carefully review the following information about the submission process:

As the sample template shows, candidates will be evaluated on five criteria that are critical to the health of the equipment manufacturing industry:

1. Innovation,

2. Industry contributions,

3. Leadership,

4) Corporate citizenship/social responsibility,  and

5) Sustainability.

For each of these five categories, nominators will be allowed to submit written pieces up to 1,500 characters each that support their nominee’s candidacy to the AEM Hall of Fame. In each category, AEM poses questions that will help nominators focus their essays to explain in the best way possible why the nominee should be considered for the AEM Hall of Fame.

AEM is also urging nominators to read the sample nomination form template carefully in preparation for filling out the online form.

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When the online form is being prepared, AEM suggests writing and reviewing the five nominating essays in a word processing program and then pasting them into the online form. This will help ensure submitting the most effective essays possible.

The form’s requested information about the Hall of Fame nominee/candidate (and nominator) should also be filled out.