Wacker Neuson reports record sales for 2007

Wacker Construction Equipment AG and Neuson Kramer Baumaschinen AG set record sales for 2007. With the help of a strong fourth quarter finish the conglomerate achieved $1.2 billion, a 19.8 percent sales increase over the previous years’ mark.

According to Dr. Georg Sick, Group CEO and President, a dividend of EUR 0.27 with a bonus of EUR 0.23 per share will be proposed to shareholders at the first Annual Share Holders Meeting in Munhich on June 3rd, 2008. Additionally, a formal proposal will be made at this meeting to rename the group Wacker Neuson SE and to change the companies’ legal form to a European company.

Wacker Neusons’ financial report can be viewed at www.wackerneuson.com.