Product Focus: Pickup truck accessories – June 2007

Go from pickup truck to dump truck in minutes
Standard Hamilton’s Dump-Pro pickup dump insert uses a heavy-duty Warn winch and can either be permanently mounted or moved between trucks in minutes. The insert, which weighs 392 to 432 pounds, depending on the unit, is constructed of industrial quality polyethylene. It has a 3,000-pound payload capacity and a 60-degree dumping angle and fits most full-size pickup trucks.

Load cargo from ground level
Amerideck’s Super Deck lets your truck do all your loading work, allowing you to load your equipment and other cargo from ground level. The Super Deck fits a full-size pickup truck and can lift, dump and transport material on a regular 8-foot pickup bed. The deck requires no vehicle modification, does not interfere with trailer hitches and can be installed in approximately two hours. Amerideck also manufactures the Chore Master, a light dump bed variation.

Truck boxes enhance job security
Knaack Manufacturing’s new line of Weather Guard steel truck boxes features an Extreme Protection Lock, which incorporates a retracting, tamper-resistant lock. An internal torque ring eliminates common keyhole break-ins. The retracting button allows you to visually determine from a distance if the box is locked. A new latch design provides easy one-touch opening and the latch linkage is enclosed in aluminum to protect against shifting loads. The 90-degree angle cover opening minimizes the amount of clearance needed. The boxes are weather sealed under the lid for optimum weather protection.

Ups tailgate capacity to 1,500 pounds
The Toplifter series TT-15 liftgate by Thieman Tailgates offers either a 42-inch steel or 44-inch aluminum platform with a 1,500-pound capacity. The TT-15 has nitrotec pins and polylube bushings at all pivot points, eliminating the need for frequent grease jobs. It comes standard with a 5,000-pound-tow-rated bumper and dual cylinders. Torsion assist is included on all 42-inch-deep steel platforms for easier opening and closing. Options include a light kit, in-cab shut-off switch and remote pendant controls.

Pull pins and rotate receiver hitch to desired ball size4
The Tow & Stow Receiver Hitch from B&W allows you to pull the pins on the ball mount and rotate the unit to the proper ball size, thus allowing connections with multiple trailers. Adjusting vertically, the hitch can raise or lower to meet your trailer’s height and provide a safe, level tow. You can stow the hitch under your vehicle when not in use. The hitch is available in 6-, 8- or 10-inch models with dual or tri-ball configuration. The Tow & Stow Pintle Hitch, also by B&W, offers a 15-inch vertical height adjustment.

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Enhance your pickup’s pulling performance potential
The Predator Performance Module for diesel pickup trucks optimizes the atomization of the air-fuel mixture, leading to increased horsepower, torque and fuel mileage. By enhancing the work of the split fire injector, the Predator issues a small shot of fuel to create the burn. Feeding the fire on the down stroke with a second and third shot of fuel, the system creates more hot gases in the clylinder. This in turn drives the piston to the bottom of the cylinder, using up all the fuel delivered to the cylinder. The unit is quickly installed and does not raise exhaust gas temperatures.

Load and store tools with 1,300-pound-capacity lift system
Stellar Industries’ X-Tra-Lift Pro includes a hydraulic/electric X-Tra-Lift loading system with a 1,300-pound lift capacity and a 9-foot-long Knapheide Manufacturing utility box. The unit combines the versatility of a utility body for storing tools with the convenience of a loading device. It remains level with the ground and is stable in any level of the load cycle. The system can be installed in most domestic full-size pickup truck boxes. Options include various light packages to fit on the light bar, wireless remote control, steel and aluminum decks, flatbed dump box, extra tie-down rings and casters on the bottom of the carrier. The system is designed for delivery applications needing a lifting apparatus for loading and unloading. It can be purchased separately for installation in most domestic full-size pickup truck boxes, and is best mounted on a 3/4-ton, heavy-duty truck.