Arizona town cracks down on noise

Paradise Valley, Ariz., is trying to live up to its name. So long as you’re not a construction contractor, that is.

In May, the Paradise Valley town council amended the town code to ban certain heavy equipment in any construction, demolition, land clearing, excavation or similar outdoor activity, between sunset and sunrise, on all Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.

The ordinance took effect June 15, and applies to pile drivers, power shovels, rotary drills or augers, loaders, pneumatic or hydraulic hammers and bulldozers.

This month, Paradise Valley considered proposing an ordinance that would address the early morning unloading of jobsite equipment, portable toilets and construction materials.

But it’s not just the construction industry Paradise Valley council members are after; they are out to rid the town of anything that might bother the eardrums.

According to The Arizona Republic, the town is proposing that certain noises be treated as community nuisances subject to civil or criminal penalties if not resolved. Among these noises are vehicle horns, amplified devices such as radios, animal noise, leaf blowers, lawn mowers and audible burglar alarms.