Wacker marks rammer’s 75th birthday

Wacker is celebrating the 75th anniversary this year of its electric rammer, which the company introduced in 1930. Hermann Wacker, a mechanical and electrical engineer, invented the tool. The following timeline details the evolution of the Wacker rammer.

1930 – First electric rammer was invented
1935 – Double spring vibration system was developed
1936 – First shock absorbing handle developed
1952 – First gasoline-powered rammer introduced
1956 – Centrifugal clutch incorporated into design
1966 – First oil-lubricated rammer developed — considered the modern-day rammer
1968 – First two-cycle gasoline engine developed to withstand rugged applications
1983 – Wacker engine introduced
1991 – Updated air and fuel filtration system
1998 – Ergonomic and environmental innovations make rammers more comfortable to operate and EPA certified
2002 – Patented oil-injected system offers 120:1 fuel/oil ratio and run time up to 65 hours on a single tank of oil
2005 – 75 years of manufacturing