Dominator enhancements designed to make operator’s job easier

Iowa Mold Tooling has unveiled its redesigned Dominator field service vehicle and telescopic crane line including improvements such as increased workspace and greater accessibility to tools. A new step design with a non-slip surface helps the operator step up into the loadbed. Rain eaves have been added on each side of the truck to divert water from the doors of vertical storage compartments. These compartments now have single doors, which improve tool accessibility without loss of storage. The service body features an enhanced floor structure with reduced weight and sidepacks designed for greater storage.

IMT also moved the winch on its telescopic crane family from the back of the mast to the boom, removing the possibility of two-blocking when stowing. In addition, the winch does not get in the way when raising or lowering the boom. The cranes come with a 40-foot, tethered remote control pendant or a new radio remote control system that eliminates the risk of dropped signals. Also new from IMT: 16/117 truck-mounted articulating crane; CAS3560 compressed air system; and SiteStar Lubrication Vehicle.