Deere releases equipment video for kids

For the kid who loves to watch farm and construction equipment at work, John Deere recently released a series of children’s videos that features Deere equipment on the jobsite and in the fields.

The first of the series, “All About John Deere for Kids, Part 1,” shows live action shots of new and antique equipment, including tractors, excavators, dozers and dump trucks. The video also takes kids to a John Deere auction for an inside look.

The video program sets the shots of working equipment to original songs about John Deere, including “Love Those Johnny Poppers,” “Me and My John Deere” and “The Gator Song.” The company released the first video in the series this year and says it has sold well during the Christmas season. Two or three more videos, slated for release next year, will make up the series. The videos cost $14.95 for a DVD version and $12.95 for VHS. They are available at Great American Outdoor, many Deere dealerships and online at