Construction equipment exports increase in 2003

Approximately $6.84 billion of American-made construction equipment was shipped overseas in 2003, a 7.44-percent increase compared to the previous year, according to an equipment manufacturers’ group.

This year’s construction equipment exports are a welcome increase from 2002, when Asia was the only market to record year-end growth. In 2003, only Central America and Asia showed slight declines.

Canada bought more American equipment in 2003 than any other country, $2.45 billion, which is a 21.4-percent increase from 2002. Canada was followed in purchases by Mexico at $492 million and Australia at $451 million. Other countries to which equipment exports increased include Belgium, Chile, Brazil, Germany, China, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Overall, construction equipment exports to Europe, Canada, South America and Africa increased, but exports to Central American and Asian markets dropped. In 2003, Asian countries purchased $945.8 million, a 10.6-percent drop, and Central American sales reached $666 million, a 3-percent decline.

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